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About us

Who Are We?

FreshSight Ltd. is a unique, student-led consultancy that was founded as The Edinburgh Group in 2007 and has existed in its current form since 2013.

Our Mission

We aim to create positive social impact by providing socially conscious organisations with practical, sustainable and innovative business solutions.

Who Are Our Clients?

We undertake projects with organisations dedicated to bringing about positive social impact to the community/sector they work for. We have worked with a range of organisations, ranging from small charities and third sector organisations to large private and public sector clients.

How Do We Train Consultants?

We provide a high-quality, CMI-accredited 9-week training program to the students we recruit to ensure FreshSight maintains its high standards of service.

What Support Do Consultants Have?

Students can expect to be well supported under the guidance of our experienced Management Team, Business Mentors and the vast network that we have developed over the years.

Join Us

..as a Consultant

The People

The People

The heart and soul of FreshSight’s operations. Recruited over a highly competitive application and case-study interview process, each FreshSight consultant brings a unique skill-set and personality to the table, and are generally among the brightest, empathetic and collaborative students among us. Our alumni represent some 127 degrees and hail from countries as far apart as Finland and India, Austria and Japan, Scotland and the USA.

The Experience

The Experience

With guidance from mentors and experts, practical team exercises and internal insights accrued from a decade of successful projects, our training program ensures that the solutions our consultants deliver to clients are well-informed, tailored, and scrutinised from every angle. Over 9 weeks, we help consultants hone their skills and recommendations to ensure that they feel like they have not only meaningfully contributed to the community, but have also grown personally. Every project develops a different skill set and a semester with FreshSight is always a rigorous learning experience.

The Impact

The Impact

You will be working on projects for fee-paying clients who are contracting FreshSight to undertake consultancy work for them. Your commitment to your project and client is vital to ensuring that your experience as well as the client’s is the best we are able to deliver. Your work will have a tangible and significant positive effect on your client’s business. The satisfaction of seeing one’s work prove beneficial to someone else is one of the many reasons many consultants describe FreshSight as the highlight of their university experience.

We recruit consultants every year in September and January.

Follow us on social media for application details and deadlines (or e-mail info@freshsight.com). All university students in the Edinburgh area are encouraged to apply, and we welcome students of all ages and disciplines.

“Being a FreshSight consultant in my third year was one of the most stimulating and rewarding experiences I had at university. I have great admiration for the creativity, dedication and hard-work that the FreshSight management team possess. This is not only reflected in the value added to FreshSight’s clients but also in the quality and effort put into training each semester.”

Sarah Mae Smit

Economics (MA Hons), Past Consultant 2016

Join Us

…as a Business Mentor

Business Mentors are an invaluable resource to FreshSight consultants. Harness your business expertise to empower and support our student consultants in their work for diverse, socially-conscious organisations in all industries. You will provide insight, guidance and play ‘devil’s advocate’ for teams of 5-6 students.

We invite experienced figures in the Edinburgh Business, Social Enterprise, Third Sector, and academic community to take on the role of Business Mentors for our consultants. Please download our Business Mentor Infographic for more information or e-mail to express your interest in this position.

“Being involved with FreshSight as a Business Mentor is an energizing and exciting experience. I’ve been really impressed by the dedication and calibre of the teams, and not only have I been able to use my experience and skills to guide and challenge them to help deliver results for clients, but being involved has also given me new insights and a chance to reflect on my own work.”

Claire Wilson

Past Business Mentor, 2019

Interested in our services?

We’ve now worked with over 150 clients on a range of projects. As a client, you will have a dedicated team of six consultants working on your project over the period of nine weeks. We strategically build our teams to ensure that their skill-sets and collective ethos matches the needs of your organisation. We take on a wide range of project briefs, including marketing strategies, business development, growth solutions and those focused around funding and finance.

Our prospective client guide is the best place to start. FreshSight Ltd. would love to be a part of your organisation’s story; please get in touch with our Projects Manager by emailing projects@freshsight.com for a no-obligation discussion.

Our Clients

I found the FreshSight team to be a great help. They listened to, and defined our problem, set expectations, communicated well, and did the kind of leg work that we just don’t have capacity for. I would highly recommend start up social enterprises, in particular, to speak to them as part of their business planning.

Chris Hellawell

Founder of Edinburgh Tool Library, Past Client 2017

We were delighted with the recommendations and professionalism of the FreshSight team who provided us with Fundraising and Communications Strategy consultancy last Autumn. We are already being able to put in place some of the fundraising recommendations, in particular a more streamlined approach to grant submission. We will soon be implementing a number of the communications and community building recommendations, which comes at a very good time for the charity, in light of our imminent relocation, and also legislative changes due to GDPR. We would thoroughly recommend working with a FreshSight team for strategic consultancy.

Rosalyn Claase

PPC, Past Client 2017

Our Team



Alexis is a fourth-year Business Management student from Indonesia currently studying at the University of Edinburgh. She was initially inspired to join FreshSight based on her passion regarding social enterprise, and how consultancy through students can drive social change. When she is not busy eating and breathing FreshSight she likes to explore new cafes and restaurants around Edinburgh.



Oliver is a 4th year Social Anthropology student originally from Kent. He is honoured to be one of FreshSight’s Directors this year and excited to be helping push the company forwards through uncharted waters. Since first joining FreshSight he’s learnt many valuable lessons, made many lifelong friends, and seen first-hand the amazing impact the third sector can have on people’s lives. When he’s not working you’ll inevitably find him somewhere with a cup of tea lecturing about how 80s music constitutes the pinnacle of human achievement.



Kumar is a fifth year medical student originally from London. He joined FreshSight hoping to meet people from a wide array of backgrounds who all share similar goals and interests in creating positive social change. In his spare time, he plays classical piano, enjoys cooking and reads too much sci-fi.



Alycia is a fourth year Religious Studies student living in London but originally from South Africa and Malaysia. She joined FreshSight as a consultant because she feels passionately about the third sector and was eager to learn valuable professional skills whilst creating positive social impact. Beyond her studies, she loves yoga, dog walking and pursuing her interests in ESG and sustainable investments.

Email: training@freshsight.com



Christine is a 2nd year Economics student from Hawaii and she’s excited to be the marketing manager / person behind the social media this year! She joined FreshSight to collaborate with inspiring individuals on fulfilling projects that help our community. When she’s not working on designs, you can find her hiking and reading and tripping over rocks.



Robert is a South African student in third year studying Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. His inspiration for joining FreshSight was allowing himself to be a part of a team that promotes personal growth and friendships while simultaneously being a massive instrument for good work in our community and beyond. Outside of FreshSight, you can find him tucked up reading books and designing websites in various coffee shops or doing some form of exercise around the meadows!



Saskia is a third-year Economics with Finance student from Germany. She joined FreshSight to meet students who are passionate about impactful consultancy work and to learn more about the social enterprise scene in Scotland. In her free time, you’ll find her baking in a kitchen or enjoying a cappuccino in one of Edinburgh’s many coffee shops.



Ewan is an (incoming fourth year) Economics student. He’s from Perthshire, where he enjoys running, cycling and all things outdoors. He joined FreshSight in second year as a way to meet like minded, socially driven people beyond his degree ‘bubble’. After two great projects and a conference in Germany, he knew he’d be eager to get back involved following his year abroad.



Steffanie is from Indonesia and in her final year studying International Relations. She joined FreshSight due to her profound interest towards the third sector and her passion in making a tangible impact on the community. Her time as a FreshSight consultant has been a valuable opportunity for her to develop herself personally and professionally, hence why she decided to challenge herself in taking up the management team role to further FreshSight’s social impact. She enjoys spending her free time talking to her friends (or anyone, really!) whether it’s over a meal, coffee, or on the phone!



Alessia is a 2nd year Maths student from Bucharest. She joined FreshSight to contribute to the thriving third sector in Edinburgh and she’s excited to continue working with the incredible people she met as a consultant. In her free time you can find her reading, hiking and slowly becoming a monetarist.



Lotta is a fourth year Economics student originally from Germany. Hoping to work in development and/or sustainability in the future, she joined FreshSight to gain first-hand experience in creating a social impact. She is passionate about the environment and enjoys spending her free time eating food with friends and playing volleyball.



Tessa is a third year Geography and Politics student. She joined FreshSight to learn more about the third sector and the role it has to play in creating a fairer and more sustainable economy. Tessa loved the community she found in FreshSight as a consultant and is looking forward to building on that as part of the management team. Alongside FreshSight she enjoys playing casual football as part of a girls football team and making pottery.


Interested in how FreshSight can help your organisation? Contact projects@freshsight.com

General enquiries: info@freshsight.com

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