Hi there! My name’s Douglas and I’m a first-year student studying Economics and Politics. Today, I’d like to reflect on some of the questions very briefly and then one in particular, because I think they represent what FreshSight’s about – passionate, creative and fulfilling work!

Thinking back on the interview process for FreshSight, a couple of questions come to mind…Like, “Who is your role model?” (Pretty standard interview question) Or, “If you could be any food, which food would you be?” (More FreshSight’s vibe) But the question that, in hindsight, stands out the most for me, was:

“What does your ideal teammate look like?”

Now, the reason I chose this question out of the plethora of other weird and interesting questions I was asked is because, funnily enough, I ended up with about 6 of them on my team! And if I didn’t have them, I don’t know where I’d be – they’ve all been so dedicated and supportive in the process so far. I think I’d better introduce you to them…

I’ve got Rob – the tech wiz who’s always on the ball and keen to tackle the next task. There’s Lucy, the cool, calm and collected one who’s got tons of ideas to share. There’s Mei, with her positive ambiance and critical mind. There’s Steph, with one of the busiest schedules I’ve ever come across, but never lets down the team. Then there’s good ol’ Ben, always steering us in the right direction with a gentle nudge. And last, but certainly not least is Michael, the head honcho, who somehow manages to get us to do everything on-time in the nicest way possible. All-in-all, I’ve got a great team, and what makes things even better is that we all bring something different to the table.

Whilst I was a little apprehensive to work with a bunch of strangers in the beginning, after I felt the amazing atmosphere and upbeat energy at FreshSight, I knew that we’d all get on just fine. Working with a team this semester at FreshSight has been incredible – it’s taught me so many new things. I’ve learnt the importance of communication and how it’s probably best to check whether someone’s already done a task, so you don’t unknowingly do it a second time… *facepalm moment*. I’ve learnt the importance of organization and structuring a team towards different goals in order to be efficient. And I’ve learnt the value of team morale. It’s been an awesome learning experience.

But not only have I learnt new things with my team at FreshSight, I’ve also been a part of fulfilling experiences with them. Throughout the semester, as we’ve collectively worked towards one goal, that we know is going to make a difference, I’ve felt a growing sense of camaraderie with my teammates. The satisfaction that I’ve felt on this project has been unrivalled to anything I’ve worked on before, and it motivates me to work harder. I’ve really enjoyed working with my team so far and I can’t wait to nail this project with them! And if we keep on going the way we’re going now, I know we’ll do just that!

Oh yeah, and shout out to Hajira and Claire, you guys are the best!!!

By Douglas Dorward

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