Like most universities, you’re spoiled with a plethora of extra-curricular activities to choose from to complement your studies. However, there’s little on offer which gives you the challenge, drive and ambition that FreshSight gave me. The level of responsibility you’re entrusted with as a student working for real clients to create positive social impact is quite surreal.

I started working as a consultant as soon as I joined in my first year, so this company really played a huge part in my university career from the get-go. I’d even go so far to say that I gained more from it than I did from the first two years of my degree (don’t tell my professors!). As a result, when I started thinking about my year abroad and life without FreshSight, I also begun wondering what I could do to fill the void.

And after countless applications to organisations in South America (as part of my Spanish degree), I was accepted by a small social enterprise in Buenos Aires, which took a great interest in my work for FreshSight, which turned out to be the main reason why I was accepted, due to the synergy between our values.

I now currently work for Delicias de Alicia, an organisation running educational and cooking workshops for underprivileged children in the capital, entirely financed through a vegetarian pop-up restaurant and catering service. The real beauty of it is that it works to combat countless social issues faced by Argentinian society. Their main objective is to nourish the young minds of less fortunate children, who aren’t really exposed to a diet of more than chocolate milk and bread. But it also does more; it sets an example in a country where red-meat consumption is an intrinsic part of their lifestyle, showing how dietary changes can positively affect their physical and mental wellbeing, as well as that of the environment. It’s been a useful personal experience for myself as well, having realised that a diet of steak, wine and churros isn’t sustainable for my own wellbeing while I’m here.

The charity is small, yet it brims with volunteers possessing big minds and tremendous passion. In 4 years, it’s reached over 300 children through sets of workshops and has gained widespread press coverage throughout Argentina. However, it also faces challenges such as entering precarious communities which lack sanitation systems, insulation, housing foundations and more. The dinners are currently run in a house which, beautiful as it is, lacks the equipment and utensils essential to host large dinner events. Ideally, the enterprise needs investment into renting a professional kitchen. And in a few years’ time, it’s also hoping to expand into more schools in order to help permanently implement healthy and balanced diets amongst all children.

But all of this is only possible if it continues to grow and raise the funds that it needs in order to host more events, helping to finance more workshops. So if you’re interested in supporting the cause, go straight to our crowdfunding page , visit the website or chat to me at directly. Your contributions could ultimately help us positively impact hundreds more children through our organisation, so on behalf of Delicias de Alicia, thank you so much!

I’m certain that a company with values like FreshSight will do weird and wonderful things not just to the minds of their clients, but their consultants too. Social investment, be it with your time or money, is powerful and life-affirming.

x Rhia

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