“Making a positive impact is something I think about on a day to day basis. From simple things like finding ways to reduce my carbon footprint (e.g. recycling, less use of plastic, eating less beef) to bigger things such as the company I want to work for and the sustainable business I hope to start one day. Being a part of FreshSight would allow me to further fulfil my urge to continue to create a positive impact in society and hopefully encourage others to do so” — an excerpt of my FreshSight application.

3 weeks into FreshSight and I am so thankful for a platform that allows me to navigate my social impact by honing in on my strengths whilst taking part in continuous learning that I can leverage to enact social change within my community. Every week has been so fulfilling in that I am constantly immersed in the awareness that I can put to use everything I am learning at training along with my team, to achieve our end goal. I am still amazed at the extent to which the Management Team invest time and valuable resources to equip me with the pragmatic skills needed to produce successful sustainable solutions for our clients.

Outside of training, it’s been impressive to witness how working in a team of dynamic individuals brings about zestful ideas and opinions. This experience has undoubtedly, increasingly reinforced the fact that working in diverse teams boosts problem-solving capacity. I am so excited to catch sight of the positive impact my team and I will have made by the close of our project.

Knowing that my impact is exactly what I make of it, undeniably, I feel a sense of duty within me to leverage the sum of things I have learned to continue to give back to communities even after my FreshSight tenure. This stimulated my motivation to become a part of the ‘Young Charity Board Initiative.’ A program that puts young people on path to becoming a Charity Board Member. Less than 10% of Charity Board Members in Scotland are between the ages of 18-35 which means that Charities who often work with Children, Youth and even Animals are missing a younger perspective on their strategy and performance. Additionally, young people are missing out on the opportunity to make a difference whilst gaining valuable experience. Upon hearing this statistic I thought “Wow, what a great opportunity to make change happen” However, I can definitely acknowledge that if it were not for FreshSight I would not have felt fit enough to have pushed myself to take on this challenging role; and for that I am forever grateful.

Positive impact is something everyone can attempt to make, FreshSight provides a tangible start.



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