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our company

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Founded in 2007, FreshSight Ltd. is a unique, student-led consultancy. Our mission is to enhance communities by bringing together forward-thinking students and socially-conscious organisations. We provide socially oriented organisations with innovative, practical and sustainable business solutions.

We strive to provide the highest quality of service by training and empowering our student consultants through our CMI-accredited training. We mobilise their fresh perspectives, enthusiasm and desire to create tangible social impact to provide our clients with comprehensive, bespoke business consultations which will help them to improve their organisations.

This year marks our 10 year anniversary. Our 500 strong alumni have worked with 100+ clients, ranging from small grassroot charities, to social enterprises, to government organisations and notable private sector corporations. We are proud to support any organisation dedicated to bringing about positive change to the community in which they operate, solidifying our position as  a major player within Scotland’s Third Sector.

Sustainability and social impact are the cornerstones of FreshSight’s operations, values that we share with each client we work with. We know that our services will not only deliver effective solutions for our clients, but also perpetuate a socially-responsible societal milieu.

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