Three months ago, I struggled to talk in front of people and to have confidence in myself and my actions, but in a freshers-induced bout of confidence decided to apply to FreshSight – the student consultancy whose name kept cropping up on my first few days on campus. As someone who has always been interested in socially conscious business, the concept intrigued me and became more fascinating as the process went on.

After applying, being interviewed and attending a day-long intensive training session, I was placed on a team consulting for Hey Girls; a period product social enterprise. Though all of FreshSight’s clients are nothing short of impressive, Hey Girls and their ethos resonated with me most so the chance to be part of a project to aid their expansion excited (and terrified) me.

In truth, the initial steps of the process were truly daunting to me as a virtual stranger to the worlds of social impact and consultancy, let alone them combined. However, surrounded by support from FreshSight’s management team and my fellow consultants, each step of the process grew more doable which resulted in me doing a lot of things that I would have previously never thought possible. From simply presenting to other members of my team and improvising presentation skills, to presenting to a panel of industry experts and writing a deliverable detailing the weeks of research my team conducted, every week posed a new and exciting challenge.

Working in a team of such unique people offering different perspectives and opinions was an invaluable experience, and working with a common goal of social good was, of course, a bonus. The true passion and dedication from those around me at FreshSight made for a beyond rewarding experience and the program as a whole offered me the opportunity to conquer many fears and meet said amazing people, with the incredible work experience that came with it being a mere bonus. In future, I hope to continue work with the third sector and socially conscious businesses and know that my experience with FreshSight will most definitely aid me in doing so.

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