My experience in FreshSight was not what I expected.

That is how I would describe it to another individual, as it sums up my time in FreshSight. My name is Benjamin and I am a second year Business Management student from Norway. On my first semester of second year I decided to try my luck and apply for FreshSight as their bright yellow branding colour caught my eye. But to be honest, it was not the bright colours and the smiles at the stand which made me apply, but the opportunity to improve my resume and ultimately stand out from my peers. Since one of my aspirations in life has always been to have the ability to decide my own journey instead of being limited by lack of credibility. By going through a consultancy training program and gain experience as a consultant, I would gain invaluable experience whilst having the opportunity to build a network with students who wants to make a change.

Now I am going to be honest with you, despite the hard application process and a terrifying interview, FreshSight has given me something more than just an addition to a piece of paper, it has inspired me. Admittedly, my knowledge of the third sector and the people within was limited before joining FreshSight. However, through FreshSight, I have met some amazing people who are involved in making a change and creating social impact. For instance, my client Fearless Femme works hard to combat mental health stigma amongst young people. This project has been exciting to work with, as we are able to help a part of our society which previously has been ignored and stigmatised to make a change towards a better system.

Despite this, the best part of FreshSight for me was not the exposure to the third sector, but the amazing community you get intangled with. There are so many people from different backgrounds willing to make a change. I have made friends and built connections I would not have done without FreshSight. One good example is my lead consultant Jack, who I lived together with under a student accommodation for first year, but we never got to know each other until now. Despite the workload FreshSight brings, the happy memorable moments I get from working with a team has made this semester of FreshSight feel more like an enjoyable hobby rather than a laborious commitment.

Lastly, through countless “curveballs” and presenting our project for the FreshSight management and business mentors, FreshSight has helped me regain my confidence in public speaking. Back home in Norway, I was always confident, however moving to England and speaking a foreign language made me doubt myself, however FreshSight has helped me take a massive leap forwards to become a confident public speaker again.

To wrap things up; my FreshSight experience was not what I expected. My plan was only to work for a couple of weeks to improve my resume, however this experience has made me invested in making a change. Through an amazing community and intense training program I feel like I have accomplished more than I expected. This experience has made me want to keep working in FreshSight or to become more involved in the third sector to make a change.

Oh, and here is a photo of my amazing team members.

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