FreshSight takes pride in its diverse community; this semester, our consultants come from 19 degree backgrounds, 17 nationalities and a wide age range of 17 to 28 years old. FreshSight provides a valuable opportunity for a diverse range of people with varying skill sets and core beliefs to come together and channel their passion for social impact.

Our team is no different; all 6 of us come from different parts of the world and are pursuing different degrees at university. We carry our individual unique perspective that makes our team stronger. We have Daniel from the UK, in his second year of his PhD studying History, who is our lead consultant and an exceptionally good cook! In our first social, he invited us into his lovely minimalist home and fed us his exquisite vegetarian chilli, which was probably the most nutritious meal we had that week… and the following week(s). Besides the fantastic food, we did a lot of chatting about the project and ourselves, which really brought us closer! Next we have Charlie from London, in his third year of undergraduate studying Philosophy; Christine from Hawaii, in her first year of undergraduate studying Economics with Environmental Studies; Anna from Manchester, in her second year of undergraduate studying International Relations and International Law; Stefany from Malaysia, in her third year of undergraduate studying Biomedical Science; and finally, another Steffanie – yes, we have two – from Indonesia, in her third year of undergraduate studying International Relations. Each team was assigned a mentor from the Management Team to assist us throughout the period of our project. Our team got the sweet Mehak – from Singapore, in her fourth year of undergraduate studying Business – who has been nothing but supportive to our team.

Although our team was picked at random, our individual strengths complement each other in helping us approach our project from different angles. It has only been 3 weeks since our team was formed, yet we have established a great bond and managed to become more than just project teammates – we’re actually friends! Our relationship definitely benefits our team dynamic as we were able to create a collaborative working environment where we are comfortable in sharing our thoughts or challenges we are faced with. We know that friends will have each other’s back no matter what! FreshSight allowed us to form friendships with people we will otherwise have not encountered.

– Steffanie

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