Social business incorporates more than just community groups and charities; social enterprises and other social ventures operate just like any other business, they just incorporate a social element too. According to Social Enterprise UK statistics, there are 70,000 social enterprises in the UK, covering an unbelievable number of sectors. There are so many ways to engage with the Third Sector and socially-conscious business in daily life, from gym memberships to period products. We challenge you to make 2019 the year of the socially-conscious you and incorporate social ventures into your daily routine. Here are our top picks for adding a bit of social good into everyday life:

Gym Social: Projekt 42
Projekt 42 is a not-for-profit gym and wellness centre based in Leith. It is run for the community, as ‘a gym for everyone’, incorporates a wide range of classes and membership options and pride themselves upon promoting the intersection between positive mental health and physical fitness as an inclusive space for everyone to feel the positive mental effects of exercise. We highly recommend their Yoga Fusion classes.
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Treat Social: Freedom Bakery
Freedom Bakery is a wholesale bakery in which all of their produce is made by current or ex-offenders. This social enterprise has proven that providing people at risk of committing crime with the opportunity to develop a passion and acquire professional training vastly decreases the chance of re-offending. They offer a fair chance at employment, which is not afforded elsewhere and make blinking gorgeous breads and pastries, served in over 60 eateries in Scotland.
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Menstruate Social: Hey Girls
Despite having only emerged onto the scene in early 2018, Hey Girls is already an award-winning social enterprise, addressing period poverty. Hey Girls sell a range of ethical and environmentally responsible sanitary products, under a Buy One Give One model, whereby all donated products are distributed in the same area in which they were bought, to girls and women in need. Check out their menstrual cups, which come with a handy little storage pouch.
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Dress Social: Lucy & Yak
Lucy & Yak are an ethical clothing company, working with partner organisations in India to create ethical and socially-responsible clothing, best known for their organic cotton and corduroy dungarees. They aim to demonstrate that a clothing label can produce high quality products, fairly. At the moment we’re loving their teddy fleece coat made from recycled plastic bottles.
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Accessorize Social: OutsideIn
OutsideIn sell a range of sweaters and beanie hats with the core goal of bridging the gap between people who have homes and those who don’t. As such, they sell their products on a Buy One Share One basis: every product bought comes with a spare one, to be donated to a homeless person. OutsideIn have the long-term aim of eradicating homelessness through partnerships with other organisations. We love the Bottle Green original beanie hat.
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Dine Social: Vesta Restaurant & Bar
Vesta is a restaurant which exists for a social mission, run along the same ethos as their partners, a highly-regarded enterprise aiming to end homelessness in Scotland. As such, Vesta offers its customers the chance to ‘pay forward’ meals for vulnerable people and on Monday afternoons exclusively serves a two course lunch to people experiencing homelessness. We rate their Sunday Brunch menu.
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Drink Social: Ginerosity
Ginerosity is an award-winning gin and the first every social enterprise gin. All profits from sale are invested into projects that help disadvantaged young adults build themselves a better future, which they achieve through collaboration with different partner organisations. We recommend accompanying with some fresh mint leaves and a wedge of lime and a big dose of satisfaction.
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Caffeinate Social: Redemption Roasters
Redemption Roasters believe that young people need a chance to live lawfully. They work with young offenders, teaching them to roast coffee and barista training skills. If they prove to be good workers in prison, they will be employed in one of Redemption Roasters’ coffee shops or help them find alternative employment. They recently launched coffee pods; though wholesale and their cafes are their speciality.
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