Letter from our directors

Hello from our directors!

FreshSight has been created, sustained and expanded by socially-driven students within Edinburgh’s universities. As the Directors of FreshSight, we are indebted to our organisation which has challenged and inspired us since we first arrived in Scotland’s capital. Our student-run consultancy operates in a world-leading hub for impactful innovation, rich with societal challenges worth solving and the talent to do so.

We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world.

However, we couldn’t have lasted a decade if the world didn’t come to us. FreshSight is privileged to have the opportunity to bring in global talent and perspectives, drawing on a student body of over a hundred nationalities. Our bespoke consultancy teams are built to ensure a cross-disciplinary approach, deploying insights from undergraduate linguists, MBA candidates and PhD computer scientists alike. Our capacity to leverage a diverse spectrum of expertise is at the heart of FreshSight’s value.

FreshSight has communicated impact for world leading charities, emboldened CEO’s to achieve financial sustainability, captured markets for social enterprises and designed fresh digital solutions to deeply rooted challenges. Our small leadership team will never have the skillset to tackle these projects alone. Instead, we are able to source, combine and nurture the excellence within academic communities.

As we celebrate our tenth birthday, we look forward to applying this model across new and exciting channels. FreshSight has strengthened its pro-bono program, further reducing financial barriers to high quality business services. For the first time, we will be partnering with an international client, working together to tackle a social challenge of global importance. We are also deepening our ties with the local third sector community, reflected in our commitment to longer and more ambitious collaborations with returning clients. Finally, we are working alongside national policy, exposing consultants to the cutting edge of social entrepreneurship as a transformative economic force.

Entering our second decade, we strive to inspire a community of change makers. As an ambassador for social enterprises, FreshSight seeks to encourage more and more people to pursue goals and careers with an impact.

We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world.

Andrew Bailie and Lina-Lotta Lahdenkauppi

Executive Directors

August 2017