When our lovely Projects Manager Zoë asked me if I would be interested in supporting the development of a new FreshSight service, I was both excited and apprehensive. Envisioned by our directors as a way to expand our client network and find new ways to engage consultants, Zoë and I were eager to explore how we could ensure that the service would remain impactful. However, we also had to keep in mind its feasibility. After several weeks of strategising, we decided on a bitesize service to address a fine-tuned problem, that would involve our alumni to offer a more flexible way to engage with FreshSight.

Out of this, FreshBite was born. Throughout October, we piloted three bitesize projects, worked on by teams over an intensive weekend. I had the pleasure of working on this myself, for ‘Make Do & Grow’, a wonderful Social Enterprise in Glasgow that works to support families and encourage creativity and sustainability. After 12 hours, we were impressed by the range of our research which enabled us to identify several opportunities for ‘Make Do & Grow’ to become financially sustainable, many of which had not previously been considered by the client.

Although initially nervous about the launch, FreshBite has exceeded all my expectations. I was impressed by the comprehensiveness of the research conducted and I loved the opportunity to brush up my skills whilst working with a great new team comprised of both alumni and current consultants. As a Brummie, I am also pleased that FreshBite enabled us to work with our first Birmingham-based client! However, I am most proud of the impact that FreshBite has enabled us to have. We were delighted by the positive feedback FreshBite has received from our clients, all of whom were unable to afford a full FreshSight project. This service has allowed us to support organisations that may struggle to access external advice. Zoë and I are currently in the process of revising and improving FreshBite however, we are determined to keep social impact at its heart.


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