Today we are going to talk about Fearless Femme – a one of a kind, creative and socially conscious organisation, which focuses on mental wellbeing. Fearless Femme aims to end the stigma surrounding mental health and raise awareness for the issue by creating inspiring and empowering content made by creators around the world. The fabulous squad of Fearless Femme call it a “Rebelleon” – sounds pretty cool, right? So are you a Rebelle? Do you want to help fight against mental health stigma and for better mental health policies? If this sounds like something that might interest you, congratulations you are officially a Rebelle! By becoming a Rebelle, you become a key figure in Fearless Femme’s movement fighting for better mental health treatment and awareness for young women and non-binary people. Their mission is important and powerful; not only will it only foster creativity and confidence in millions of people, but it will also make sure that their voices and bravery will directly impact policies regarding mental health care.

So what does this awesome organisation do exactly? Fearless Femme produces a bi-monthly magazine with different themes and issues relating to mental wellbeing. Their latest theme – ‘The Next Step’ – focuses on young adults starting a new chapter in their life: university. In University everyone’s dealing with a variety of different issues such as workload, relationships, friends, the list goes on. How do you tackle all these issues but at the same time maintain your wellbeing? The Next Step focuses on nerve-wracking new beginnings and how to not feel defeated or overwhelmed by them. We are all students, we have our doubts and lows, but it is important to remember that there are always people looking out for us. So if this is something that appeals to you, you can subscribe to Fearless Femme’s Rebelleon and get unlimited access to their current and past magazine issues as well as other digital goodies. On top of this, did I mention that your participation directly impacts policy change regarding mental healthcare through Fearless Femme’s evidence-based research? Pretty amazing, right?

Fearless Femme is more than third sector organisation: it is a community. They are artists, writers and poets, academics and activists, bloggers and influencers, entrepreneurs and creators, speakers and actors, who all have had struggles with mental health at some point in their lives. Fearless Femme acts as a support unit for those creators as well as for those who are currently unable to speak up for themselves.

So, has this all convinced you to check out and join Fearless Femme yet? For any additional information and their magazine’s subscription please refer to their website:

Please also take the time to support our friends at Fearless Femme by filling in their current survey on Starting University:

And if the website isn’t enough for you, here are the links for their social media platforms!

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