Our service

Over the past 10 years FreshSight has developed a rigorous consultation programme that repeatedly delivers dynamic and sustainable business solutions. We operate across all sectors to provide for any organisation aiming to further their social impact.

Before the consultation process begins our Projects Manager will liaise closely with the client, helping to scope and clarify the project. This brief is then transferred to our team of student consultants at the beginning of an 8-week consultation period. Throughout the process our teams of consultants work closely with the client on a pre-designed project brief, keeping the client up-to-date with project direction. The client is required to meet with the team a minimum of three times, however additional meetings frequently take place. Our service concludes with the handing over of a final presentation and ‘deliverable’ report. This report amalgamates the work of student consultant team, laying out FreshSight’s recommendations for the client alongside the supporting research.

Being students, FreshSight’s consultation periods fit within the student semester. These run between September to November and  January to April each year. As a social enterprise, we charge our clients small one-off fee then reinvest profits back into FreshSight so that we can continue to improve our service and further increase our social impact.

Past Clients 

FreshSight has now worked with over 100 clients on a range projects on issues such as engaging stakeholders, growth solutions, marketing, financial success, social innovation, process improvement, and membership retention.  

ChangeMaker Partnership

To celebrate 10 years of matching talented student consultants to projects with a positive social impact, FreshSight has launched the ChangeMaker Partnership. As we grow and strengthen, we are committed to providing insight for social innovators tackling our most pressing challenges.

The ChangeMaker Partnership offers pro-bono consultancy services to emerging social businesses with ambitious proposals to make change happen. We want to contribute to growing the impact of new social businesses by providing access to innovative, practical and bespoke solutions.