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When our lovely Projects Manager Zoë asked me if I would be interested in supporting the development of a new FreshSight service, I was both excited and apprehensive. Envisioned by our directors as a way to expand our client network and find new ways to engage...

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Spit in a test tube: Save a life

Four years ago, I was sat in a school assembly hall, receiving an empowering presentation about the Anthony Nolan Trust, a charity which procures people aged 16-30 to sign up to a stem cell donor register and connects patients suffering from blood cancer with donor...

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FreshSight Interview Tips

Speaking from personal experience, applying and being a part of FreshSight has been one of the most rewarding and challenging things I have done in my life. One crucial part of the application process is the interview. They can be truly daunting for some people, but...

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My Consultant Experience by Benjamin Snørsvald Hem

My experience in FreshSight was not what I expected. That is how I would describe it to another individual, as it sums up my time in FreshSight. My name is Benjamin and I am a second year Business Management student from Norway. On my first semester of second year I...

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Make 2019 the year of the socially-conscious you

Social business incorporates more than just community groups and charities; social enterprises and other social ventures operate just like any other business, they just incorporate a social element too. According to Social Enterprise UK statistics, there are 70,000...

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My Consultant Experience by Caitlin MacLean

Three months ago, I struggled to talk in front of people and to have confidence in myself and my actions, but in a freshers-induced bout of confidence decided to apply to FreshSight - the student consultancy whose name kept cropping up on my first few days on campus....

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