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Creating Your Social Impact Checklist

  When I want to accomplish something, I make a checklist. The list looks like this: 1. The thing I need to do. 2. Steps to accomplish the thing. 3. End goal of said thing. And that’s how it usually goes. However, there are some things I’ve struggled to achieve so...

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Our Top Tips for Starting up a Social Business!

Interested in starting up a social business or charity? We’ve worked with over 100 clients and have learned a lot from our projects at FreshSight. While it may seem daunting, we’ve got some top tips for entering the third sector. 1. Start slow. A lot of the social...

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A Day of Tangible Social Impact

The idea of hosting our own Community Day at FreshSight has been floating around since our management handover last April. After looking at consultant feedback from the previous year, we realised something was missing in our social enterprise business model -...

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Research Tips by Alexis Hennessy

Research is the most work-intensive, yet the most exciting part of the FreshSight experience! In just a few weeks, you must grasp an excellent understanding on your client. To achieve that, you will need to do some research which will be key for your team to design...

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