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What We’ve Learned from Working on Our Project

Bryan - The FreshSight experience Coming back to FreshSight after two years has been a really fun experience. It’s been great to see what’s changed and what’s stayed the same - you can tell, even with everything being virtual. There are new faces in management and in...

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Navigating the Virtual Consultancy Experience

Hey there, my name is Dylan, and I am a third year Economics student currently studying at the University of Edinburgh. This is my first semester working as a consultant with FreshSight, and Alexandra and I are going to talk about our experiences with FreshSight so...

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The Street Paper Projects

The Street Paper Projects Two years ago, I was attracted to join FreshSight by the sight of yellow T-shirts worn by two chipper members of Management who were recruiting outside the library. Today, I am onto my second consulting stint. When I first joined FreshSight,...

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Our Virtual FreshSight Experience

Kirsty (LC) - Economics, 4th Year: I was concerned that due to the current guidelines in regards to COVID-19 that FreshSight wouldn’t be going ahead this semester but the management team have clearly put so much effort into adapting the FreshSight experience. The...

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My FreshSight Experience by Alessia Ciocanea

FreshSight was the best experience I had on campus. In this post, I’ll tell you about my experience, to give you an idea of what you can expect. Getting accepted Going through the application process was quite intense. This was my second time applying, after getting...

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Meeting people through FreshSight

FreshSight takes pride in its diverse community; this semester, our consultants come from 19 degree backgrounds, 17 nationalities and a wide age range of 17 to 28 years old. FreshSight provides a valuable opportunity for a diverse range of people with varying skill...

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