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Our FreshSight Experience: A Q&A

Ellie Hillcox, management mentor for the project, asked the consultant team some questions about their FreshSight experience. EH: What has been the best part of your FreshSight experience so far? Sophie: The best part of my FreshSight experience so far has been...

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Fresh Factor

The middle of the term is, traditionally a hectic time for Edinburgh students. Deadlines have a nasty tendency to all gang up and strike at the same time and work levels spike to dizzying heights. What could therefore add fuel to the fire more than a formal pitch in...

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The FreshSight Team

Hi there! My name’s Douglas and I’m a first-year student studying Economics and Politics. Today, I’d like to reflect on some of the questions very briefly and then one in particular, because I think they represent what FreshSight’s about – passionate, creative and...

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Creating Your Social Impact Checklist

  When I want to accomplish something, I make a checklist. The list looks like this: 1. The thing I need to do. 2. Steps to accomplish the thing. 3. End goal of said thing. And that’s how it usually goes. However, there are some things I’ve struggled to achieve so...

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Our Top Tips for Starting up a Social Business!

Interested in starting up a social business or charity? We’ve worked with over 100 clients and have learned a lot from our projects at FreshSight. While it may seem daunting, we’ve got some top tips for entering the third sector. 1. Start slow. A lot of the social...

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