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My FreshSight Experience by Alessia Ciocanea

FreshSight was the best experience I had on campus. In this post, I’ll tell you about my experience, to give you an idea of what you can expect. Getting accepted Going through the application process was quite intense. This was my second time applying, after getting...

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Meeting people through FreshSight

FreshSight takes pride in its diverse community; this semester, our consultants come from 19 degree backgrounds, 17 nationalities and a wide age range of 17 to 28 years old. FreshSight provides a valuable opportunity for a diverse range of people with varying skill...

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There IS a point

Being involved with FreshSight has exposed me to the expansive array of individuals and organisations working to improve the world we live in. Nevertheless, my news feed, lectures and debates at the pub are shrouded in negativity and cynicism. The seemingly...

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Becoming a FreshSight Consultant

My journey to becoming a FreshSight consultant has been fascinating thus far. Having been encouraged to join by friends who have completed the programme before, I submitted my application online in January. Although I was initially hesitant because I have no...

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Our FreshSight Experience: A Q&A

Ellie Hillcox, management mentor for the project, asked the consultant team some questions about their FreshSight experience. EH: What has been the best part of your FreshSight experience so far? Sophie: The best part of my FreshSight experience so far has been...

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Fresh Factor

The middle of the term is, traditionally a hectic time for Edinburgh students. Deadlines have a nasty tendency to all gang up and strike at the same time and work levels spike to dizzying heights. What could therefore add fuel to the fire more than a formal pitch in...

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