For over 10 years, FreshSight has been at the forefront of student-led social enterprise. In our time, we have leveraged the eclectic insight of over 500 students and made positive social change for over 100 clients. The diversity and ambitiousness of our consultants is reflected in our work: it’s high-quality and different. Edinburgh itself is a melting pot of people and we attract socially-conscious individuals from all ethnicities and nationalities. We owe our success to the city we call home, as much as we do to the student consultants who have given up their valuable time to enrich it.

We could not have solved the variety of challenges that we have committed to tackling over the years without the trust and faith of our clients, the expertise of our partners and advisory board, as well as the hard work of our student consultants and management team.

FreshSight’s work has been, in every sense of the word, a massive team effort.

As Directors, we have entered our third year with FreshSight as a company and our fourth year at university – yet we are just as excited about FreshSight as we were when we were first recruited as consultants over two years ago!

Last year marked our 10th year anniversary and after having grown steadily in Edinburgh, there was no better time to take on our first international client based in Helsinki and our first year-long collaboration with a long-time client. Having concluded our participation in the Social Enterprise World Forum hosted in Edinburgh this September, there is no better time to start making newer and bolder moves.

FreshSight has evolved drastically over the years by repeatedly challenging itself and listening to the community. Over the next year, we will be laying the groundwork for the next decade by consolidating and improving our internal operations and training programs, ensuring that FreshSight continues to evolve quickly and effectively in response to any future challenges and feedback. In summation, our aim is to future-proof FreshSight by professionalising the company. We will also be contributing to the Scottish community in ways outside of our regular project services.

The success of the coming year will depend on what has brought us so far in the last 10 years: a massive team effort.
On behalf of ourselves and the Management Team, we look forward to working with and for the community both inside and outside Edinburgh, on what promises to be a lively year for FreshSight!

Siddharth and Zoë

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