23 October 2017


When FreshSight was first founded in 2007, no founding member or consultant would have imagined that ten years later FreshSight would have empowered over 120 organisations and over 500 consultants. Nor would they have imagined that FreshSight would be working with socially conscious clients in places such as Finland and USA, let alone Edinburgh.

From student society to fully fledged social enterprise, from having a tiny presence on university campus to the being awarded the Social Enterprise in Education Award in 2014. No one can deny FreshSight has come a long way.

Fast-forward to October 2017, 10 years after FreshSight was founded, and we were privileged enough to share a room with clients past and present, alumni, consultants and partners. For the first time ever we had everyone who had helped us over the past 10 years in the same room.

The Playfair Library played host to a wonderful evening of celebrations of current achievements, and conversation about the huge potential FreshSight and the third sector has. The night was not only a celebration of what FreshSight had achieved in its ten years, but also a tribute to the fantastic role Edinburgh is playing in leading the global drive of social enterprise. Social Bite, Brewgooder and Ginerosity — all leading figures of the Edinburgh social enterprise scene, provided the night’s refreshments, which was a tribute to the social innovation Edinburgh has become blessed with.

In bringing together everyone who has supported FreshSight along our journey, we thought it would have been naïve to not utilise the immense brainpower in the room. We provided a stand for Challenges Worldwide, Sustainably, Dig-In, Real Talk, Keep Your Shoes Dirty, Online S3, and Legal Spark to each present a question or challenge they wanted help and advice with. Our guests were free to walk around to each stand – challenging and advising on possible strategies and tactics that these organisations could deploy.

In his address, Fraser Kelly, the previous Chief Executive of Social Enterprise Scotland, articulately reinforced the great work that social enterprises in Edinburgh are doing. Mr. Kelly stressed that in the build up to the 2018 World Social Enterprise Forum, of which Edinburgh will play host to, the city is in a great place — but we must keep innovating and ensuring we are two steps ahead.

The night served as a great opportunity to reflect how far FreshSight has come, and the incredible things that can be achieved when innovative and passionate minds come together.  For FreshSight, the world is its oyster. 10 years ago, no one would have imagined what has gone on to be achieved. And, undoubtedly, we have the upmost faith that the next 10 years will hold much of the same.


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