September 2017


Happy September, everyone!

I’m Rhia, this year’s Operations Manager, and I’m one of nine of the new Management Team members. Having been a FreshSight consultant for the past year, there was always one main highlight of each semester for me; our final presentation with our client. Nothing could ever have beaten the look on their face, when we handed over the culmination of hard work, bound in a deliverable, along with an aesthetically gorgeous presentation.

But then we ran a recruitment campaign, and I’ve found a new highlight. It’s safe to say that I couldn’t feel any more satisfied with the selection of our new consultants. This year is going to be a special one: we’re celebrating our 10th year, having our first ever international project, and will be providing one pro-bono consulting service to a client. To top this off, we received 179 applications, which was a record number. To reduce this number down to 42 consultants was undoubtedly a gargantuan task, but it meant that we now have an incredibly high calibre of students. Our semester one consultants represent 33 degree backgrounds, and originate from over 14 different countries, so it’s highly satisfying to have been able to pool together such a diverse group of people.


As a Management Team, being handed over a company just a few months ago is a rather daunting task. It’s almost as if FreshSight becomes your most prized possession. At the beginning, running a recruitment campaign seemed like a huge challenge, especially as a stand-alone company at the university. However, we received great support; and through a great deal of physical and online presence, we allowed our voices and values to be heard. Now, each week, I have the pleasure of being in the same training room with a group of consultants, who form a melting pot of creativity, enthusiasm, and a desire to effect social change.

This semester’s projects have a variety of different focusses; together, we’ll be providing services to aid product launch, funding acquisition, community outreach, and much more. I can’t wait to get started.


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